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The hunting reserve

Studen Kladenecbears the name of the dam lake 'Studen Kladenec' and is situeted south of it, on part of the slopes of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. Its acreage is 5577 hectares, which includes the typical for the region fauna and species variety, ans also number of endangered plant life and animal species.
The reserve offers hunting of big game fallow deer (trophy and selection), roe, wild boar; predators wolf, fox and small game hare, thracian quail, ring-dove and allowed for hunting species of wild ducks.

Studen KladenecFor the nature lovers, we offer observations and photo hunt of world endangered species of vultures, golden and sea eagle, and other diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey. The reserve offers a photo safari of fallow deer and red deer, European bison, wild horses Tarpans, fox, wolf and wild boar.
For the anglers, the reserve organizes fishing hikes of carp, sheatfish, white fish, perch, bleak, etc. from the coast of the dam lake and with motor boat. On the territory of the reserve, on the area of 774.7 hectares is isolated the nature preserve 'Valchi Dol', where you can enjoy an authentic nature environment.

The reserve has two comfortable hunting lodges, with 8 beds each and offers traditional local dishes made from organic products produced in the area.

Studen KladenecStuden KladenecStuden Kladenec